Summer In Banff


Summers in Banff are amazing. Banff offers stunning panoramas in a rough but easily accessible mountain scenery. “Being here feels like living in a postcard”. The intensive emerald to dark blue colours of our lakes make Banff one of the premier National Parks worldwide, a Unesco Heritage site as well as a world-reknown mountaineering centre … or simply a great place for lovers of the outdoors.

You can rush and see the “Must Sees” in two days but there is so much more to discover ….

In terms of day planning our area can roughly be divided into three day-long visits: Kananaskis Country Provincial Park, Banff plus Kootenay National Parks and Lake Louise plus Yoho National Park.

Don’t skip Banff as this is a real town with lots of sightseeing to do and an amazing Town Centre with museums, shops, excellent restaurants, cozy places to relax and have a drink or spend an evening in our cinema. Banff is right in the National Park, the logical place to stay for all excursions.

Most of our guests are here to visit our impressive sites in the 3 National Parks. Many of the areas of interest are in easy reach from parking spaces and there is a well maintained trail system as well as washrooms. They can be explored on horseback, canoe, mountain bike or even raft. Wildlife can be seen just outside of Banff (and sometimes in Banff when predators are closing in). A great place to see wildlife is the famous Stanley Thompson golf course, one of the premier golf courses in the world. The scenery is just gorgeous and animals love the minerals they add to the greens. For golf lovers, there are 4 golf courses around Banff.

Not all panoramas are close to the road and some involve a short hike.

A scramble or scrambling means that you need your hands and feet to hold on to the rock or mountain (to avoid a fall). A scramble is a light exciting form of climbing a mountain done without any roping up, a step down from high mountain climbing. The scales of scrambles go from “easy to moderate to difficult”, difficult means that you need some climbing experience to feel safe as it can be “really” airy. Most mountain summits around Banff involve some easy to moderate scrambling.

This is a real mountaineering and climbing community and you might be able to meet some of Canada’s most re-known mountaineers anywhere in town or attend one of the presentations of their latest exciting trips. Don’t forget to attend the Banff International Mountain Film and Book Festival in November to get some insider stories from the world highest peaks or amazing adventure trips from all around the world.

A neat way to discover Banff is by mountain bike as most of the sites to visit in and around Banff are in easy reach.

Banff is also known for conferences and meetings in a fabulous environment. We are located centrally, walking distance from the most popular conference places and City Centre. Our lodge is a century old Banff landmark and all other important historic places are located in our area, as well as our 3 Banff museums and the reknown Banff Centre for the Arts.