Sightseeing – Plan Your Day Guide


Sightseeing day planner What and how much sightseeing can be done in a full day?

Day A : Bow Falls, Banff Springs Hotel, Sulphur Mountain, Hoodoos, Cave and Basin, Marsh Loop, Fenland Trail, Vermilion Lakes. (ev. Walk to Sundance Canyon).

Day B: Ruins and story of the city of Bankhead, Johnston Lake, Two Jack Lake with exciting view on Mt Rundle, Lake Minnewanka, Stewart Canyon, Mt Norquay Lookout, Johnston Canyon (Inkpots), Fireweeds, Marble Canyon, Paint Pots, walk to the toe of Stanley Glacier.

Day C: Canmore, Kananaskis Country loop, Chester Lake and its breathtaking view, Upper Kananaskis Lake, Boundary Ranch, Grotto Canyon.

Day D: Healy Pass (20 km return)or Harvey Pass (20 km return) – two of the best panoramas in the Park.

Day E: Mountain Bike to Shadow Lake, admire Mt Ball’s vertical slopes rising out of the lake, waterfalls, glacier, round-trip possible over Whistling Pass and along Red Earth Creek.

Day F: Beautiful Moraine Lake, Larch Valley, Sentinel Pass – a close-up on the 10 peaks’ panorama and Paradise Valley dominated by 3 of the highest peaks in the Park or hike to amazing Eiffel Lake.

Day G: Lake Louise – Victoria Glacier, visit Plain of 6 Glaciers’ Teahouse and Lake Agnes Teahouse.

Day H: Lake O’Hara, Lake Oesa or Opbin Lake, the best of the best of the best ever …, “The perfect mountain scenery for the perfect mountain movie”.

Day I: Sherbrooke Lake, Niles Meadows – sea of wildflowers in season, Emerald Lake

Day J: Takakkaw Falls and Iceline Trail, exceptional views on the Presidential Range and their glaciers. One of the most beautiful trails in the Park.

Day K: Skoki Lodge – historic lodge, beautiful walk, top views, amazing Ptarmigan Lake.

Day L: Helen Lake – one of the best panoramas ever: glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and meadows – lots and lots of wildflowers in season swirling around you, breathtaking.

Day M: Peyto Lake, the view from the outlook cannot be beaten, walk to Caldron Lake or hike through the canyon to the foot of Peyto Glacier with views on Mt Peyto, Mt Thompson and Mt Baker.

Day N: Flo Lake is one of the “magic” places in the Park. It is located at the beginning of the legendary Rockwall Trail, one of Canada’s most awesome trails, truly a “MUST” see. When I was there last time, yellow larch trees, small glaciers and this amazing mountain face were mirrored in the dark blue lake … an overwhelming experience I tried to capture all in a picture but to no avail. To view the best of the 45 pictures I took please check out our facebook page under Blue Mountain Lodge (September 2012).

Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information about the different options.